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E. Saint Louis, IL 62202
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Working Hard for Systemic Change with Anger and Courage

We believe in our children's ability to succeed in breaking the cycle of generational poverty. In order to do that they need advocates to challenge the systems that have failed them for so long. It is our hope for their futures...a hope that in the words of St. Augustine has "two beautiful daughters - anger and courage: anger that sees things the way they are and courage to make things the way they ought to be" This hope compels us to continually challenge the school district and other social systems that are failing the poor and disadvantaged. This coupling of anger and courage keeps us on the edge so we never become complacent of families with no cash income and of a city with the highest homicide rate and level of crime per capita in the U.S. As part of our mission, Sr. Julia is serving on the School District financial oversight panel and Diane is on the Key Communicator Network as well as serving on the Collective Impact Leadership Council. We are also working with the St. Louis Regional Business Council's Social Venture Partners to help build our capacity to have our Educational Advocates as regular staff positions rather then depending on AmeriCorps or other volunteer groups.
We believe in our children and our belief is rooted in hope with action!